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{ Monthly Archives } June 2012

No immunity

Normally when I make cakey stuff, it’s from the oats-granola-nuts end of the spectrum. So I don’t quite understand how I came to bake chocolate red wine cookies. I almost regret it because they’re incredible. On the first day I made them, I ate so many I felt sick…then two hours later ate some more. […]

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Bookery bookery book me book

Haiku Humour: Wit and Folly in Japanese Poems and Prints  by Stephen Addiss with Fumiko and Akira Yamamoto. It’s probably worth pointing out that this book is called Haiku Humour and not, say, Hilarious Hakiu! or Side-Splitting Haiku. Humour in the context of haiku is more in the vein of smiling tenderly on the quirky […]


Comfort food in four easy steps

1. Arrange sliced peaches in the bottom of a bowl. If you want, you can sprinkle them with liquor, or you can just imbibe the liquor and salute the peaches’ good health. Viva la pêche! 2. Whisk 2 eggs, a sploosh of milk, a splash of vanilla, some cinnamon and ground ginger. Pour this over […]


Investigations Part II

I’m moving from “hypothesis” to “pretty much a fact” territory very fast, everybody. Yesterday’s allergy challenge (which sounds like some sort of weak after-school primary-school-targeted game show) was the noble potato. I should point out that anybody using the cliché “the humble spud” will be stabbed in the eye with a tiny fork shaped like […]

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Investigations Part I

I’ve been thinking a lot about food. As someone who cooks constantly, makes their own bread and yoghurt, roasts their own coffee, photographs/blogs about food and looks at Foodgawker as often as other people look at Facebook, to say I’ve been thinking about food a lot means A LOT. A few years ago I got […]

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Awesome setting: 11

Dudes, can you have too much awesome? M has been experimenting with a new dough trick: a huge batch of basic 70% hydration dough, lightly kneaded and popped in the fridge until wanted, topped up occasionally. We’ve been making pizza from it all week. I’ve been theorising (read: thinking on the toilet) about other possibilities […]

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Thinking about it

I dreamed I was showing M a whole bunch of handknits I owned: they were terrible, tacky, hairy things and I was indulgently smiling and admitting their flaws, but pointing out they were still worth wearing. M just shrugged and said “inethical”. Dream-bethini felt she needed to think about that. Awake-bethini agrees. So I’ve been […]

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Though I try, I can’t conceal all the awesome.

It’s twoo. One of the things on the Learn To Cook list and holy cow how is it May already was raisin bread. (I keep typing “raising bread”, which isn’t really incorrect, but not what I’m talking about here, thanks auto-fingers.) Might have been a little under-ambitious with whole Learn To Cook List. Raisin bread […]

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