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FO Report – Mermaid Gloves

Before I even get to the beauty, comfort and all-round knitaliciousness that make up these gloves, two very important points are worth mentioning.

1) These gloves have been a long time coming. I cast them on the first time M and I went to Tasmania, which was (err umm) June 2009. Blimey! Three years! Anyway, let’s not quibble over times past: the point is they’re here now and looking awesome.

2) These gloves are a massive pain in the arse to photograph. Partly the subtle and elusive variations in texture and colour, partly my dinky little camera’s complete inability to deal with low light. Which means I can’t take excellent photos at dusk, or, say, winter. But I can wait for that particular window when the sunset comes through the windows of the yogatorium!

And that

Ah, that’s more like it. The alert among you will recognise the scales of the noble Pomatomus. But you’ll also have noticed that the title of this blog post refers to gloves, so you’ll be all “bwaaah?” Let me soothe your disordered brow with the fantastic glove-form adaptation of Pomatomus, Mermaid Gloves (Rav link).

Just like a mermaid would wear!

They’re beautiful and comfortable and I can’t believe it took me three years to get my skids together to make them.

A bit flaunty, but you know mermaids.

The lengthy delay in making these is no reflection on the difficulty of the pattern. Pomatomus meets the gold standard for textured knitting in that it looks awesome and isn’t hard (once you read it through and figure out what’s going on: it’s not hard, and it is clever). The pattern is really straightforward: you work three repeats of the Pomatomus lace to make a tube, then in the fourth repeat you increase between two markers to produce a thumb. When you’ve got enough stitches for the thumb, you put those stitches on a bit of scrap yarn to keep them out of your hair while you finish that repeat of the pattern and then do some rib and cast off. Then you think “oh wait, we need a thumb!” so you come back and grab those thumb stitches and work a few rounds in rib — and hey presto! You’ve just made a glove! Go you! Now run along and make another. They’re identical, the direction of the thumb dictated entirely by which hand happens to be wearing the glove. I wore them today and can confidently assert this has no negative impact on the fit. They look and feel and are awesome. And needed. It’s cold on my bike.

Pattern: , adapted by Stephanie Degen from Cookie A’s Pomatomus.

Yarn: Errrr, umm, hang on a tic…Arucania Ranco Multy in a kind of bluey-grey. Very pretty, soft and springy, great stitch definition. (Don’t machine wash!)

Wore them today and I’m totally chuffed with them.

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