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Stockpiling IV (c0da)

There’s no point stockpiling and taking advantage of autumn’s abundance if you’re not laying down the groundwork for next season:

Long-term planning

For the record: today I planted shallots, broccoli, beets and snow peas. (This is less about writing an informative blog post than it is about reminding me what I planted.) Having pulled up all the beets for pickling, it seemed logical to invest in the future. Abundance this year was generous and fun: abundance down the line has to be prepared for.

And then this baby rolled down the driveway:

BOMB. Of happiness.

For the baffled: that’s a feijoa. A frickin’ big one. Apart half the size of my hand. The neighbours’ bush is awe-inspiring, with massive pedunculated fruits, the stuff of dreams. When I realised one had dropped into my lap driveway, I pounced. It’s now buried in the back yard veggie patch, along with my hopes, dreams and reason for being. If it grows and makes me a feijoa of my very own, I’ll be damn pleased. And astonished. Feijoas don’t usually grow true to type from seed, I’m told, which means if it does sprout and make baby feijoas, there’s no guarantee they’ll be as plump and seductive as this blighter. They could be tiny, tasteless, annoying, or absent: but feijoas are damn pretty and even if it brings me no fruit, it will be an awesome and welcome shrubbery.

While we’re on the topic of abundance (however tangentially), I’ve just discovered, which is an awesome site of preserving, canning, pickling, foraging, and general off-the-griddery. Love this stuff! How did I overlook such an awesome site for so long?

One last thing: my tiny habaneros are fruiting!


Each has loads of green fruit and one orange fruit each — will we get a flush of red fruit before the cold season clamps down like an icy bear trap of futility? Will there be heat in winter? Will there be habaneros for bethini? Only time will tell. THE EXCITEMENT GRIPS ME AND ALSO YOU PROBABLY!

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