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{ Monthly Archives } March 2012

And yet I can’t stop reading

Guards! Guards! and Men at Arms – Terry Pratchett Sweet sauerkraut stockings I like Mr Pratchett’s writing. After a fairly long-term dalliance with the audiobooks of the Discworld series (as read by the totes awesome Tony Robinson), I got into reading the books proper comparatively late in life. I have a clear memory of a […]


Long black

Time for an update on the Black Coffee tunic, why not? Not much to say, really: I keep on knitting, it keeps on getting longer, eventually I’ll finish and the sound of needles clicking will be stilled. This is such a straightforward knit that I’m a little embarrassed to even blog about it — well, […]



Stumped for inspiration, yet finding myself in the kitchen armed with a spoon and a bowl, I turned my attention to the Foodin’ Challenge List! Today’s spectacular triumph: cornbread. Cornbread is so easy I feel a bit embarrassed about listing it anywhere even tangentially connected to the word “challenge”. It’s easier than muffins. It’s easier […]

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Keepin’ it small

Today is Sunday and I’m moving slowly and small-ly. Partly because of… …who has been living with us this week. A hairy brown peanut of cuddles and wags. But it hasn’t been all peaches and farts around here: on Wednesday night we were treated to three renditions plus encore of her rarely-heard HOWCK-SPLAT solo concerto […]

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Page flips

The Volcano Lover: A Romance – Susan Sontag See, here’s why I love libraries. Book shops you gots to spend coin, so you get a bit risk-averse and you’re more likely to go with what you know. Second hand book shops, less so (less coin, so less risk) so that’s a bit better. Libraries: zilch. […]