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{ Monthly Archives } February 2012

That time of year

Every second person I speak to has too much of something. After I finished the fantastic backyard plum crop, my Mumini brought me a share of white-fleshed nectarines that one of her coworkers had dropped off — my share amounted to about 3kg. I gained about the same of fresh homegrown apples in the same […]

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Black Coffee update: Sipping Quietly

Black coffee continues apace! Seems to be knitting itself. I tried searching for ways in which it is like actual coffee, for the purposes of contorting a simple, pleasant pattern nickname into a lengthy metaphor that groaningly weighs this post down into the depths of pundom. Then I stopped. Thank me in the comments. Like […]


Immune to paper cuts

I’m roaring through books like you wouldn’t believe, suckin’ down sentences like an arm through a sleeve; don’t miss a word or chapter, don’t to the end skip, jump back Loretta, I gots pages to flip. Less Than Zero – Bret Easton Ellis I finished American Pyschoa while back and it was so great it […]


Coffee break

I can’t wait to see how many title puns I can make with this project. I’m knitting Black Coffee with dedication and commitment. I had the camera out anyway and it was a beautiful day for photographing black cables. There’s not heaps to report: it’s a good pattern, but there’s not a lot of variety. […]



If you felt a slight shift in the globe’s gravitational pull today, be not alarmed. It’s simply that my awesomeness has expanded to new, stellar levels and there had to be a slight planetary adjustment to accommodate it. This weekend I made a lovely banana cake. I roasted some coffee, I dabbled with a bit […]


Epic, layered, complex.

Today I ticked a big one off the 2012 Cooking Challenges list: making pasta. I’ve made it before, but it was pretty wobbly and I wasn’t too proud of it. I haven’t made it solo since M and I bought a pasta-roller-dealie: we’ve been making our own pasta for ages (which is to see M […]

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Seedy business 2: less seedy

Go to Hell, chia seeds. Stupid fad food. I’m really annoyed at the chia seed thing. Sure, they’ve got loads of protein and omega-3 and bind things together — you know what else does? Eggs. Free-range eggs from the farmer’s markets, where I’m friendly with the sellers and you can look at photos of them […]

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Seedy business

The title is a pun. I made a seedful bread. Seeds, seedy: GET IT? Yay! High five! Anybody? I feel like I’ve got this bread making business under control nowadays: I can reliably produce delectable loaves of sandwich-appropriate bread. Hellz yeah. I can make foccaccia, naan, tortillas. I can, when called upon, produce crusty, open-crumbed […]

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So I’m pretty great. Disappointing biscuits notwithstanding, I’m definitely pretty great. Ask anyone. Saturday morning breakfast is a good time to show how great I am. M’s like “I’m thinking of pancakes for breakfast.” And I’m like “Let me cover you there, dude: I’ve not mastered pancakery yet and I want to show how great […]


A Tale of Two Biscuits

I made biscuits and I don’t feel that pleased about it. Normally when I make bikkies, I’m all “yaaaay! bikkies!” They’re usually easy and tasty and small and satisfying. These ones took a while to win me over. First up: Oatmeal Spiced Chocolate Cookies. I have a question: why do they get called “oatmeal” biscuits/cookies […]