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{ Monthly Archives } December 2011


Food food food food food food food food. There’s a lot of it about lately. It’s December 30 today, which means we’re approaching the final hump before we can put aside obligatory festive gluttony. I’m starting to feel like I haven’t been hungry for a week: I have been either staying with family, had visitors […]


How’d that happen?

I swear I only cast this on the other day. There’s nothing in that picture to give you a sense of size: that WIP goes from past my knees to just under meine kleine booben. Lots of knitting right there. Lemme check Ravelry. 30 October, you say? Well, that seems pretty reasonable. Two months for […]


Patience and puzzles

Do you do puzzles? I do. I’m talking here about jigsaw puzzles, those epic challenges of shape rotation, pattern matching and searching. (You can keep those ones that are a picture of nothing but baked beans, those are just guess-and-check exercises in martyrdom; you can tell they were invented for the “so-and-so likes puzzles, let’s […]

Demmed Unseasonal

It’s December 11, the eleventh day of summer, and it’s cool, wet, windy and hail-y. There’s rain, there’s thunder and lightning (there’s a brown dog FREAKING OUT on my couch), and it’s only about 20°C. I could get used to this. Good things about summer: Cherries. Just bought a kilo from the farmers’ markets for […]


It book time!

Here be readin’s! I’m knee-deep in the pages these days. This is a glorious development, a long way from my Masters’ studies, when the suggestion of reading anything longer than a case study or essay would elicit a terse, ironic chuckle and smothered sobs. I’ve got three (four?) others on the go, which I want […]