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Not just a sometimes food.

I just made a huge batch of chocolate chip biscuits. Or cookies, depending on your vernacular. The recipe said “makes 18 large cookies” and I’m beginning to think the author and I are working on vastly different scales. Or, maybe a cookie and a biscuit aren’t different words for the same thing after all. Maybe there’s a conversion step I’ve missed, like four biscuits equals a cookie (or a bushel). Anyway, if I made eighteen cookies I would end up with cookies the size of breadplates. So there was none of that. I made thirty-odd (which is a way more interesting number than thirty-normal, I can tell you) and they’re all big buggers. I think I’ll have another in a second.

I’m not used to big, chewy, sugar-and-butter-laden, chocolate-chippified snacks. I’m typing at the speed of sound while doing a bidding war on eBay for something I don’t want while Skypeing with my Nan and singing along to Depeche Mode. I’ve never felt so ALIVE!

Oh, now I’m sad. Another cookie, please.

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