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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

Claf your hands!

Goddamn, cherries: am I right? Course I am. Cherries are heavenly little crimson summer pearls. I love them. I will eat them until I am a little bit ashamed, and then I’ll go into the other room and eat more. So to preserve my self-respect, I decided to try my luck with cooking them. Passed […]


Life is mystery. And also knitting. (Is mystery.)

I’ve just started knitting a dress. I don’t pretend to understand this impulse. Let’s play bethini: Pyschoanalyst MD. For a very long time I resisted the urge to explore the possibility of knitting anything other than wintery woolly goods. Jumpers, vests, hats, mitens, etc. All good and proper, wool-appropriate things. Trousers, skirts, shorts and dresses; […]


Not just a sometimes food.

I just made a huge batch of chocolate chip biscuits. Or cookies, depending on your vernacular. The recipe said “makes 18 large cookies” and I’m beginning to think the author and I are working on vastly different scales. Or, maybe a cookie and a biscuit aren’t different words for the same thing after all. Maybe […]

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Green green greeny green

The whole backyard is on a massive chlorophyll rush and taking me with it. It’s awesome. A few weeks ago, when I was on crutches and therefore in a non-gardening state, I planted a bajillion tomato seeds in tubs in the laundry. Now they’re big kids, sleeping in big kid pots! I had about 55 […]


FO Report: Infrastructure

I am infused with a spirit of finish-it-uppity, like some sort of dynamic knitting vodka. Finished today: Black mitts for Dadini, Green Sprite (which I mentioned earlier). It’s good to get these done, just in time for spring (I hope I never have to knit my way out of an emergency). It’s good to finish […]

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