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Run run run red run

The red tops are with me no more. I turned them into long squiggly lines and dried them on a towel. Then out came the trusty ball winder and immediately turned my clean patient skein into a snarl of nauseating complexity. Guh.

A challenger appears...

It took some time to figure out. Several hours, in fact. But I admit a lot of those hours were spent sobering up. Pro tip: tangles are even harder to solve when you’re drunk. Once the morning had cleared and I was riding the high of waking up without an anticipated hangover, I got down to business.


And do you know who won that little tussle? Do ya? Yeah, you totally do. ME. I gave a short, mirthless laugh as I conquered the snarl and tucked its rebellious little arse into a satisfying yarn cake.

I am the boss of yarn.

And then I made about twelve more. I’m ready to launch.

This is a well-worn, fairly thick cotton: I’m thinking of either a skirt or a dress, but haven’t decided which. It’s surprisingly robust and I think it would lend itself well to a Sidewinder skirt, but I think I have enough to make a dress…and I gotsta say, I’m itching to try making a dress.

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