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Beginning the end to begin again

I have begun the rebeginning! I’m taking two innocent red tops that have been brutalised by cruel fate and also the washing machine (cruel washing machine) and rebirthing them. Or reincarnating them. Not sure which yet. I guess reincarnating: I’m pretty sure you can do the rebirth thing without dying. And since I’m unravelling these babies, I think that’s as close to dying as you can get when you’re a knitted garment. But if two tops come back as one thing, where do we stand? Is that still reincarnation? Not sure about that…actually, the logical conclusion of that metaphor is that I’m murdering the knitted tops, and frankly I don’t think I want that on my conscience. I think I’ll leave that train of thought for now.

It took me a couple of hours to unravel these babies: there is a dark side to being good at weaving in ends. And I’m fucking awesome at weaving in ends. Curse you, bethini of the past and your cunning needlesmithery! It took a long time, but I found the end…

The elusive end, the beguiling beginning....

…and I don’t mind admitting there was some exuberant fist-pumping and shouting “Gotcha, ya sneaky little bastard!” and even a little imaginary high-fiving with the yarn. Now that I’ve made the leap to transform these two tops into something new, I feel like they’re on board with the whole plan and really grateful that I’m helping them towards their true destiny. From that tiny wee noodle I have spawned a whole sea of wiggly yarn!

noodly noodly noodly noodly

Tomorrow morning, that wiggly woo is going for a plunge in some warm water, having a gentle hand-wash, and will then be left to dry flat — not hung up to dry, because that will stretch the yarn and the next project will have the same shrinkage problem after its first wash. See? I learn!

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