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Dadini mitt, redux

This isn’t going well.

Remember I mentioned my Dadini’s reasonable request for a pair of mitts for winter? It was a very decent request, politely made and with ample time to respond before winter chilled in and nibbled the fingertips. I was excited by the chance to tilt my knitsticks towards the fulfilment of such a wholesome and worthy end.

Now that I think about it, he may have even looked wistfully at his fingers when he asked.

Well, I’ve made one. Allow me to clarify: I’ve made one SEVERAL TIMES. Merino Supreme, this is wearing thin. I made two versions in Merino Supreme, the first ginormous, like a big cushy baseball glove, the second reasonably-sized but dense like a petite knight’s gauntlet. Then I made another one, in a random yarn I found in the cupboard…

What is the sound of one mitt clapping?

Which has turned out beautifully and needs only a mate. Yeah, guess where this is going. Not enough yarn. Damn stash.

So I cast on again. Another random, unlabelled stash yarn, but this time I made sure there was ample. While hanging out and having dinner with friends, I knit merrily away, only to glance down during the whiskey and cigars and realise the dainty mitt I had created was ludicrously small. Stupid small. Oh, how we laughed.

This is getting stupid. I haven’t been unravelling them, because if I do, I’m guaranteed to forget and rediscover the yarn, thus leading to an endless cycle of knit, despair, unravel, rediscover, knit. I therefore have a bag full of black fingerless gloves in a mix of sizes and yarns, all mateless. If I’m killed in a freak salad dressing accident and someone finds it, please know that I haven’t got some sort of mono-manus monomania: it’s just my Sisyphean fate to make a million unmatchable gloves.

Meanwhile, Dadini’s freezing his tips off and cursing his slow-needled offspring.

UPDATE: Just discovered a huge ball of sturdy black acrylic from a never-really-going-to-succeed attempt at legwarmers! Experimentation phase five commencing.

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