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{ Monthly Archives } September 2011

Green Sprite: the legend continues!

Whether it’s some sort of enchantment or just my stupid brain thing, I can’t give up on Green Sprite. It’s really nice yarn, and the vision I had (sexy, slash neck/cuffs with a kind of autumn-dryad vibe) just won’t quit. My original design didn’t play out, falling short of yarn. So I unravelled and tried […]


The Legend of Green Sprite

Oh, Green Sprite, you troublesome pixie. I had visions — sweet, enchanting visions — of a green top. Not just any green top, but a sexy, fitted top with a slashed neck and cuffs, and a bit of lacing at same. Raw neckline, raw hem: wild. Alas! Ran short of yarn two thirds into this […]

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FO Report: Gytha

Gytha’s done and I can hardly believe it. In keeping with the overall theme of this project, weaving in the ends and sewing in the sleeves was not only easy it was downright enjoyable. I’ve never done such a good job of sewing sleeves into an armhole. I only swore a couple of times and […]

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Gytha: Penultimate edition

Gytha is all-but-done. Bugger my brain and serve it with aioli, because I haven’t a clue how this has come about. It just kind of…happened. And it’s completely beautiful: this isn’t one of those bad “it just happened” things like a kitchen fire or herpes. My basking Gytha is beautiful. I cannot believe how straightforward […]


Dadini mitt, redux

This isn’t going well. Remember I mentioned my Dadini’s reasonable request for a pair of mitts for winter? It was a very decent request, politely made and with ample time to respond before winter chilled in and nibbled the fingertips. I was excited by the chance to tilt my knitsticks towards the fulfilment of such […]


The internet is a salad of random crap.

A big, freshly-washed salad of diverse junk, drizzled with a tangy vinaigrette of curiosity and resting on a bed of soggy disappointment croutons. That’s what the food blogging corner of the internet is. I love food. So I love reading about food, food blogs, forums, etc. etc. Awesome places to yammer about yeast, waffle over […]

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Names names names

Has anybody else noticed there’s some weird shit happening with recipe names? I keep coming across recipes with names that can only be described as whimsical and, frankly, it’s got to stop. I’ve been doing this long enough that I know it’s not a recent thing. I’ve cooked from my Nan’s cookbooks and come across […]

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I am still Miss Limpy 2011. It’s more fun than when I was Miss Gympie 2001, but still not awesome. The worst part is when I forget about the crutches. I start getting ideas about what I’m going to do — mow the lawn or make some chai or teach a jazz ballet class — […]

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Basking Gytha

I can’t believe how quickly this baby is coming along. It’s out of control and I’m mega-excited. Possibly disproportionately so. Checkit: blocking the body and sleeves before work this morning. I attribute the zoom of Gytha to the fact that I’m still gimping about on crutches. It’s a pain in the arse to move around, […]



I’m on crutches and while it’s not awful, it’s not grilling my cheese either. Spring has arrived with the kind of hyperactive force normally displayed by puppies on crack (note: does not advocate giving puppies crack. Crack is expensive and puppies can’t tell it from sherbet anyway.) and I can’t do the stuff in […]

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