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{ Monthly Archives } August 2011

Churning through the pages

Behold I am reading up a storm! Fluttering pages in an ecru foam of erudition! The Beauty Myth – Naomi Woolf A major work in feminist literature, it’s kind of astonishing to realise this book was first published twenty years ago. Truefax – check Wikipedia. Most of the book could have been written in the […]


Gytha on the go!

After dithering for a bit over yarn choices (Black body certainly: red vs purple contrast? THESE ARE THE CHALLENGES THAT WRACK US AT NIGHT.), Gytha is damn near knitting itself. I get home from work and notice the yarn has rolled across the room. “Oh, that?” clack the needles, “kind of bounced off the couch […]

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If you’ve read, say, four posts on this blog, you’ve probably encountered at least one of my pet obsessions: the glories of breakfast. Oooh, wonderfullest time of the day. It’s magical. Now that I think about it there’s probably more written about it than any other daily meal. I can’t seem to go two pages […]

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Firsts!  I did some things for the first time. Neither is about sex or drugs, but keep reading anyway. Go on. Today I made biscotti! Never done that before. Today I also built a garden bed! Also never done that before, and, while satisfying, it was slightly less interesting than the biscotti. Although both lacked […]

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You know, I just lost nearly ten minutes looking at the word “Gytha” and wondering how to make up a Witty Post Title with it. And by witty, of course I mean pun-tastic. But I couldn’t. So all posts regarding this project could easily end up being called Gytha I, II, etc. Just warning ya […]

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Green Sprite reflections

Just when I thought I’d made peace with Green Sprite’s limitations, preparing myself for a sleeveless version, maybe with a nice i-cord trim around the neck to make up for a lack of sleeeves…my eye is caught. I’m trying to circumvent the oft-used metaphor of the dissatisfied lover whose head is turned by some swaggering […]


Easy as…

The funny thing about pie is that it is never quite what I anticipate. It’s never quite as robust, never really a hand-held affair. In movies and such, people pick up fat wedges, take a bite and it doesn’t spill out the sides and all over their clothes. I don’t think I have ever had […]

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Poolish Play Part 3: Pain

…remember those baguettes I made? Yeah. Still making my pulse race, still making my mouth water. These are fine times to be bethini, which, frankly, I am. But the dough that brought such happy times also brings humility. Remember thou art mortal. The shaping was easy: this dough was a dream to work with. Springy, […]

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Poolish Play Part 2: Glory

Lotta pictures ’round here. As I mentioned previously, if anyone can persuade me to rock the slow-rise bread, it’s Bertinet. Having let my lush, silken dough rise for 90 minutes, it was time for shaping. I took about two-thirds of the enormous dough the recipe produced and divided it into ten lumps. After a short […]

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Poolish Play Part 1: Anticipation

I think I’ve mentioned my enormous crush on Richard Bertinet. He’s the breadmaking bomb. Everything about his attitude, his relaxed savoir-faire and his kneading technique oils my breadboard. He is incredible. His kneading technique alone has been one of the greatest things I’ve learned to improve my bread. If you’re unfamiliar with Monsieur Bertinet, I […]

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