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On the needles – Part 3

As I mentioned, I’ve decided to work on my WIPs while away on a forthcoming trip: as part of the investigation, I discovered my Mermaid Gloves, started in 2009 (I think). One down:

...a long way to go...

I sat and stared at it for a while, wondering how I was going to tackle this. Lace knitting can be a pain in the arse after a hiatus; you’ve got to figure out where in the pattern you were and not accidentally restart partway through the wrong round or something like that. But I was in the mood for self-punishment, so I took a deep breath and had a glass of water (not at the same time, obviously, and it was also whiskey, not water) and a close look. Got the pattern out, checked out the needle…and man, bethini-in-the-past was one awesome fox.

It's like she just KNEW I'd be back!

There are three needles holding the stitches (and one working needle), each with 24 sts on it. The Pomatomus pattern, upon which this is based, has a lace repeat of twelve sts: so 24 sts per needle, two repeats per needle. bethini-in-the-past chose to put down this project, for whatever reason — knowing her, she was probably teaching puppies to read in underprivileged communities — halfway along the first needle of a round. So I could see, immediately, where she was up to: I looked at the first twelve sts, I looked at the second twelve: it was totally obvious I was up to round 7. Still am. I am so amped: there is absolutely no reason for me not to power on with these babies and have some damn sexy lace armwarmers in no time at all. So, bethini-in-the-past, we salute you. We are grateful for your foresight, and we regret that it is so rare to see your kind in this degenerate age. I will honour your memory with sexy armwarmers. (She would’ve wanted that.)

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