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Winter Woollies – 2

Early days yet

In my last Winter Woollies post, I mentioned the recent and shockingly sudden transition to winter in these here parts. This has coincided with a shift in lifestyle habits for yours spoonfully: my trip to work each morning is now half cycling! Whee! A hoot, a total hoot, but also a really good opportunity to reflect on the change in the seasons and how you can best celebrate said change through wool.

I have my heart set on a very particular design that doesn’t exist yet. I know I’m not the only knitter who does this.

I spent an hour or two this fine chilly morning trawling Ravelry (wishing the search had the option “no patterns inspired by Twilight” since there seems to be a surprising preponderance of patterns with this quality) for a vest, tank or pullover that matched the design in my head, but to no avail.

I have a bajillion patterns in my Ravelry queue but not one of them matches the design in my head. The design in my head is like a very shaped, fitted tank, with a vertical slash at the neck — sort of a slit-neck? — and bracelet-length sleeves, very narrow sleeves, with a slash at each outside wrist. At all three slashes, there are little knitted loops that wrap around wooden leaf buttons. (Or mismatched but still very awesome buttons.) The buttons cannot be overstated. YOU CANNOT OVERSTATE THE BUTTONS. I am calling it Green Sprite for now, because I think it will make me look awesome-funk-pixie.

I tried sketching the design to get an idea of it and came up with…


…so look out, Vogue Knitting.

Looks like I’ll have to put in the hard yards and come up with a pattern myself. I’ve got the yarn, the needles, the brain and the maths: I can think of no obstacle to achieving my ill-defined dream. It’s a simple process:

  1. Swatch and establish gauge that produces fabric I like.
  2. Measure all my bits and write them down.
  3. Plug sts-per-cm into written-down measurements.
  4. Follow instructions with smug calmness.
  5. Produce garment.
  6. Wear garment, inspiring other knitters to new heights, non-knitters to admiration of the craft, and both groups to horniness.
  7. Blog about triumph.

Pretty sure that’s how it works. I’ll start measuring up for my schema and swatch tonight. Since I’m limited on yarn, I think I’ll aim at getting the tank right, and then work top-down sleeves from the armholes. I’d love bracelet-length sleeves, but I’ll take what I can get.

Three potential outcomes:

  • I forget all about this idea, forget I even posted about it, and somehow life goes on but feels hollower than before.
  • I make a stalwart start but get so frustrated by to-everyone-else-obvious errors in my planning that I give up, snip the yarn up into teensy bits and hide it in dog food which I then feed to the neighbours’ greyhound.
  • Spectacular crash and burn, complete with time off work to recuperate by hiding in the feeble position in the saucepan cupboard.

Place your bets, people!

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