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Cool things I have known

I would like to mention two extremely cool things I have encountered. My life, as I am sure I have mentioned from time to time, is supremely awesome. These cool things are just little out-shoots of awesome, like sparks that fly joyously upwards from the BONFIRE OF AWESOME that is my life.

Cool thing the first:

For the vegan death metalhead: the black carrot.

None more goth

I’m a bit late to the blue/black/purple carrot (or potato, while we’re at it) party. I’ve seen plenty on food blogs and admired them from afar, with fascination writ on my dribbling lips and awe shining from my glistening eyes. They haven’t shown their goth faces around the farmers’ markets, so I assumed they were a distant and exotic dream. Then, M’s Dad procured a bagful from a little out-of-the-way indie grocer called Coles (you may have heard of it) and ceremoniously presented me with a single specimen. I took it to work for show-and-tell on Black Friday and impressed my coworkers with my hardcore-ity. Yesindeed.

But lo! When you snap it open (see above) they are not black to the bone! Shocking! This, combined with a resistance to change and novelty in vegetables, lead to speculation from some quarters of the family that they had, in fact, actually, truly, really, been dyed. I cannot stomach the idea of carrot fraudulence, so, weeping, I turned to The Googles. The Carrot Museum site reassured me. It turns out that the dark-coloured carrots are a true, noble and ancient specimen and not some new-fangled modern foodie craze. (I mean, they are that, but they weren’t invented for food bloggers or anything: they’ve just been rediscovered.) The orange carrots that we all know and love were bred from the yellow strains, and earnestly cultivated by the Dutch (oh those crazy Dutch) — so earnestly that they eventually became the norm and we, as a culture, forgot there was ever anything but the bright orange carrot. Oh, and the fact that they aren’t dyed at all: in fact, the extract can be used as a vegetable-based food dye for other things. I didn’t think carrots needed to get any more awesome, but now I know that they come in black, purple and red, I can only shake my head in awe. I should try making a purple carrot cake! I hope the farmers at the farmers’ markets from whence I buy my fresh produce catch on soon.

Cool thing the second:


I’m so happy. A tea-infusing duck!


I’m not much of a one for plotzing, but plotz I did. The ducky has a little mesh nest that you fill with tea leaves and screw onto the ducky’s underside, then as the ducky gleefully swims around your teacup, it infuses the water with your delicious tea.

eee heee hee heee!

Then, when you’re sufficiently thirsty or bored with ducky shenanigans, you take ducky out and perch it in the little blue pond stand (you can see it behind the cup in the second picture) — which has a basin to catch drips! Ducky is so thoughtful!

I love ducks; I love tea. This wee tea ducky made me more happy than I care to admit. I’d like to pretend I’m above such twinkly giggles, but life makes fools of us all. And frankly, I don’t want to be above this ducky. Me and ducky: we tight.

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