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Favourite things – Epilogue


My first.

Just when you thought life couldn’t be more cool, you discover that your garden bed is full of radishes, little and crunchy and fresh and ever-so-slightly peppery.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this is so awesome; okay, so you buy vegetables at the markets, eat the eatable bits, and put the uneatable bits in the compost. Those vegetable scraps break down into mixed nutrients; then you dig that into some dirt, keep it moist with bucketed-out bathwater, and add some radish seeds. Those radish seeds take that water and those mixed nutrients, add some sunlight (sunlight!) and rebuilt the nutrients into plants. New plants! Those plants make new vegetables out of the bits you weren’t using anyway!  That is unbelievably cool.

Root vegetables have big chunky bits growing off their roots because that’s where they store nutrients and water: then we come along and dig them up and get the nutrients and water from them. Chop the tops off, put those scraps in the compost…and we’re back to the start.

I know it’s not sexy, political, audacious or shocking: but these cycles and processes are beautiful, interesting and just so clever I can hardly believe they’re happening in my garden.  We’ve also seen evidence of carrots and something that is either silverbeet or beetroot (can’t remember where we planted the seeds): exciting stuff.

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