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Off-centre gardening

Gardens are where you make them. Or where they make themselves. Got me an Aerogarden in the laundry, keeping me in basil all year round: the trick is to stagger planting the seeds, so new plants are coming up as the old ones are fading away. Circle of life, man.

Tiny shrub in a tiny tub

Gardens grow where they can. They grow in the cracks of the driveway; they grow in the pipes that run to your toilet; they grow in the letterbox and under bricks left on the lawn for months. Sometimes, they’re subtle…

Behold! Dirt!

In what was perhaps an inevitable turn of events, I kicked off a mushroom kit in the laundry (next to the Aerogarden: this is quickly turning into the alternative garden room). Turns out “mushroom kit” means “box with a bag of soil and a bag of topsoil”. The bag of soil is groaning with mycelium: when the mycelium is visible on the surface, you top it with the topsoil and get it nice and wet. Then the mushrooms come through the topsoil, then you pluck’em and eat’em. Fungus is awesome. S’gonna be a couple of weeks yet, and, meanwhile, I got me a box of dirt in the laundry.

Sometimes, gardens bide their time.

For the future

This is the spoonfully seed bank: the tomato and rockmelon seeds I harvested from fruits that I loved this summer. Next year in the backyard!

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