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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010


It’s New Year’s Eve and in two brief hours I’ll be raising a glass and saying arriverderci to 2010.  Not a bad year, but a surprising one — but then, they always are. I could alter my expectations, but I’m cool with being surprised. It’s tempting to think of years as comfortably concluded units, as […]



The alert among you will know that telltale wigglywoo yarn. That’s an unravelled Agave tank. Bums! There’s a line of purls between each lace panel, and that’s where you work your increases, so as the top tapers outwards, the vertical purl lines become purl panels. I had worked three repeats of the lace pattern before […]

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Today is the glorious anniversary of my Dadini’s birth! My Dadini rocks. He can fix anything (his current recreational project is the disassembly-and-restoration-and-reassembly of a vintage bulldozer) and solves all my car and house problems with a clarity and efficiency of thought that I can only dream of emulating. Unlike me, he has never cried […]

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I don’t know where eggplant gets its bad rep. Maybe it’s because I never had it growing up, and so have only ever had it on my own terms and cooked to my own taste (see also: Brussels sprouts) (also, why aren’t they called Belgian sprouts?); or maybe the whole gross-eggplant thing is a myth […]


Holy cow summer knitting!

It’s the first time in quite a while that the two major factors have aligned: the rain is not raining, and the photographer (c’est moi) is interested! And so: behold my WIPs! In the sunshine! I’m amazed I could hold the camera still because I was DANCING! LA LA LA! At the back is cooo-cooo-ca-choo-Coachella! […]

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Wanderin’ books

I would like to present a compare and contrast essay on Bill Bryson’s “The Lost Continent” and Kerouac’s “On the Road”. I finished them both in short succession and they beg, beg I tell you, to be analysed via a compare and contrast essay. Both deal with road trips around the US, but in totally […]


The glory and the butter

There was a lot of cooking going on Chez Spoonfully last night, and, not coincidentally, a lot of AWESOME. M wanted to find out if he could make apple danishes, I wanted muffins. (M’s recipe follows at the end.) There’s no denying that M’s venture was the more aesthetically satisfying. Here’s the apple and sultana […]

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