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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010


I am it. This is my upended indecision pile. There’s swatches in Merino Supreme, a ball and swatch of Bendigo Woollen Mills in crimson, the leftover balls from Mumini’s Rediscovery top, some rogue bamboo, some linen/cotton, some kitchen cotton, my needles, more swatches, scribbles, notebooks — strewth. The best thing about the Rediscovery project is […]


Book-book, book-book

(The above is taken from a joke my Dadini told me as a kid — I mean, when I was a kid, not him, since obviously I wasn’t around when he was a kid — involving a chicken borrowing books at a library on behalf of a frog. I have been walking around the house […]


Time and brioche

How can it be that I am fundamentally an impatient person and yet still have an ingrained, Pavlovian passion for things that, by definition, require time and plenty of it? Is this some sort of unconscious self-punishment? Knitting, playing music, writing: all demand the slow tick tick tick of patient, tiny steps that make progress […]

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Things that please me

If I intended this to be a comprehensive exploration of the above title, this would be a long post indeed.  I could probably have a whole blog dedicated to the topic.  And what a twee, dull blog it would be.  So, instead, I’ve confined myself to the things that are pleasing me, right now, this […]


Constructing Rediscovery

So, the Rediscovery project is at an end, and it’s time I posted some comments. Firstly: it’s called Rediscovery because I rediscovered it while I was tooling around in the yarn cupboard, looking for something to knit while I waited for the recipient of the olive green restart vest to stand up and be measured. […]


Matchy-match dilemma

I knitted a sock. No news flash there, although it’s been a while since I used self-striping sock yarn. All winter I’ve been making unpatterned aran-weight socks (looooooove them). But now it’s a bit warmer, I don’t want boots and their accompanying thick socks. It’s time to whip out the tiny needles and the skinny […]


Rye rolls redux

But anyway, back to bread. I’ve been refining my skillz0rs lately, since M just got his expert bread-making mitts on Richard Bertinet’s Crust. I’ve watched videos of Bertinet online and did a little research on The Fresh Loaf and other websites, and reached the conclusion that (a) the dough I was using could be drier; […]

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Purling perils

So I haven’t been blogging much about my knitting lately, mostly because what I’m working on at the moment is both (a) secret; and (b) boring. It’s not tippity-top-top secret, but there’s a slight chance the lady in question may read this here webbidy-site. I’d be able to work around that, but it’s also a […]



Last night we had thistles for dinner. Oh, the poverty! Oh, the deprivation! Globe artichokes were cheap and interesting at the Farmers’ Markets and neither M nor I had ever sampled them. We steamed them over a pot of stock (with a little garlic and a bay leaf). Here’s how you cook artichokes: you cut […]


Green II: Sprouty Sprouty Sprout Pants

I’m not sure how it happened, but I turned my back for a weekend and the shrubby green moat around my house went insane in my absence. Green makes me happy, even happier than brown. There is green, lots of green, where there used to be nothing but dirt over a buried potato: Like the […]