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There seems to be a lot of green around at the moment.  Not that I’m complaining.

Puzzling: adjective, verb or both?

There’s a lot of green on the coffee table, although some assembly is required. I’m down with that.


The indoor herb garden is making tiny steps towards fulfilling its destiny: providing me with enough basil that I can bathe in pesto every day.

Green! More green I say!

Herbs make summer worth the heat. At the markets, you can already buy massive bunches of coriander and basil without taking out a second mortgage, and I’m excited beyond all proportion. I love chopping coriander and basil and then having the smell in my hands and clothes and hair all day (I’m thorough). I love shallots, finely minced, greens and all:

I ain't one of yer white-part-only freaks

Since I was in a world of green anyway:

Three amazing ways with cucumber!

Basil, mint, coriander, shallots, cucumber, tomatoes (just to highlight the green); toss with cooked quinoa, oil, lemon juice and spices, and you’ve got a green green green lunch.

A hint of red for contrast

Utter deliciousness. I love tabbouleh, and I heartily (nay, noisily) recommend using quinoa in place of bulghur, especially since it has more protein and, if you’re me (and I am), a greater degree of novelty. Tiny pearly beads! Amid all the green!

Who is that lovely creature?

And, of course, vegetables aren’t the only green awesomeness happening around here. More on this sexy number later.

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