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{ Monthly Archives } October 2010


There seems to be a lot of green around at the moment.  Not that I’m complaining. There’s a lot of green on the coffee table, although some assembly is required. I’m down with that. The indoor herb garden is making tiny steps towards fulfilling its destiny: providing me with enough basil that I can bathe […]

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I’ve read about it, seen it at parties (after already filling up on bread) and read thousands of blog posts on it. Quinoa: It’s a pretty word to write. It’s pronounced “keen-wah” (approximation), although you can call it “key-noah” and people will figure out what you mean. I am always a bit self-conscious when it […]


Tears of pain, tears of glory

All the tears have made for soggy bread around here. I neither apologise nor suggest reason for my emotional bonds to cooking. Because one would be grovelly, the other would be pointless and waffly. Cooking offers comfort, joy, and a sense of purpose when I’m feeling low. Makes the house smell good, too. But the […]

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Elizabeth and Mary and me

I just finished reading Elizabeth & Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens by Jane Dunn and butter my bum and call me toast if it isn’t one of the best historical books I’ve read. It describes the life of both Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, and the way their lives were connected. The whole […]


From sticky to awesome in a few easy steps

You know what’s cool? Sponges. Your typical sea sponge barely qualifies as an animal, but its soft, spongy skeletal remains are hugely useful — so useful that we had to find a way of producing synthetic substitutes because naturally occurring sponges can’t keep up with demand. When you squeeze a sponge (I mean a synthetic […]

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FO Report-Restart Vest

Once there lay a sweater, complete and unloved, which ached in its innermost plies to be reborn. Rebirth, like birth, involves pain. Well, no, it doesn’t. It’s mostly metaphorical. But in order to rebuild the sweater into the form it truly desired, to release the truest form of this yarn, I had to break it […]

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Some days I struggle with perspective, and so I’m not 100% certain that the following is exciting to anybody in the whole world but me. This sense of doubt lead me to wonder if I should bother mentioning it at all — but then I thought, hey, it’s my blog! If it’s exciting to me, […]

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