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Brown revisited

I’m sure it’s just some sort of perception bias, or a symptom of the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon, but I’m seeing a whole lotta brown in my cooking lately. And that’s no bad thing:

Brown is the new awesome.

Chocolate-coated coffee beans! Aw hell yes! Melt some chocolate in the microwave, tumble some roasted coffee beans through it until you’re sure they’re coated, and put them on some greaseproof or baking paper to set. (I put mine in the freezer to set faster, but I’m impatient like that.) Easy as, chums.

Sexy brown, textured like beans.

I used Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate, because that’s what we had, and I am not sure what sort of beans I used — I just scooped out some of the coffee roaster. I wouldn’t make them with anything but dark chocolate, I think, but then I would be unlikely to eat anything but dark chocolate, so your results may vary. If I had some more chocolate, I’d be tempted to give them a second coat, though, just to get the chocolate-to-bean ratio up a bit higher.  There was a definite calming element to dropping the beans individually onto the baking paper — I wanted to stop them sticking together, so I carefully tipped them off a fork one by one. Whole process took me about ten minutes, plus fifteen minutes in the freezer to set. BAM. Snacktastic. Go on, you make some now. I’m not sharing these.

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