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{ Monthly Archives } August 2010

For science!

Brown rice. Let’s talk about it. Pause for brief meander down a tangent: my Mumini tried to get us kidinis to eat brown rice, wholegrain pasta and brown bread when we were growing up and nearly caused a coup. Universal face-pulling followed by a demands for another round of deep-fried sugar and tomato sauce sandwiches. […]


I gots questions. Well, one for now.

M and I are zooming off to sunny Tasmania for a week of looking for whales, noodling around National Parks and potentially buying an alpaca in order to carry home all the cheese we plan on buying (alpacas don’t eat cheese, right?). But before I depart there’s something I would like to raise: Dilemma: what […]


Book noodling

I’ve got three that I finished just recently, and I want to talk about them: Orlando: a Biography – Virginia Woolf Continuing my thriving Virginia Woolf infection.  My God, that woman was fantastic!  I want to go back in time and kick my earlier self in the shins for not appreciating her more — I […]


FO Report – Wham Bam Thank You Lamb Neckwarmer

I have to be honest, this pattern is so simple and cool that it hardly needs an FO report at all.  But then you wouldn’t get to see this: Or this: Pattern: Wham Bam Thank you Lamb Neckwarmer from Insaknitty.  It’s a garter-stitch rectangle that you then sew up, off-centre.  It sounds like nothing at […]



When I was a wee Learner Knitter, I asked my Mumini how many balls of wool it took make a jumper. She said ten, so I bought ten.  Thus began one of the longest-running sagas of my knitting life. Cleckheaton have discontinued their Merino Supreme line, and I think it’s for the best. I am […]



For someone who doesn’t go for brown much, there’s a lot of brown in my life right now. The bananas in the fruit bowl have even turned brown, mocking me, discarding their traditional yellow garb to fall into step with all the brown in my life.  Some browns are bad: Despite that tasty-looking gentle golden-brownness, […]


Un-kerploded (Kerploey Part 3)

Behold! For my repair angel hath descended upon my kitchen! Thanks Dadini! For just the bargain price of some roasted coffee beans and a couple of chocolate Digestives, he came, he saw, he resurrected the oven. We pulled the beast out of the wall (I took a moment to clean out the scunge from the […]

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Real yoghurt?

While I was poking my latest attempt at homemade yoghurt — bouncing the back of a teaspoon on the skin cautiously, trying not to break the surface, all the while making the kind of face you see caricatures make in political cartoons — M asked me how I would know for certain it was yoghurt. […]


With apologies to Keats.

Oh what can trouble thee, knitter fine, Alone and madly tinking, Your needles are scattered all about But no knitting? Oh what can trouble thee, knitter fine, Tearful and frustrated, Surrounded by miles of fore-knit yarn, Recently liberated? I see the ballwinder spinning fast, With muttered curses and aching hands, And in thy eyes a […]


The glory and the breadcrumbs

I can make bread! Who said I couldn’t? Tortillas? Pita pockets? No sweat. Soft and fluffy herb and cheese bread? You got it. Hot cross buns? No problemo. Scrolls stuffed with spicy pear and ginger? Roast capsicum and feta pull-apart? You got it. Slow-rise crusty bread, oh-so-perfect for dipping in fresh olive oil from the […]

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