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Sometimes I do that thing where I don’t write for so long that I get scared about going back to it, scared that when I do finally put fingers to keyboard, I’ll have forgotten how — or worse, discover that I never really knew.

I finished NaNoWriMo and I couldn’t be more astonished.  The piece I produced is, of course, rubbish. A big turd of fiction. But there are some gems in it (kinda starting to wish I hadn’t gone with the ‘turd’ metaphor now…blohwell) and I feel like NaNo was worth doing just to get the ideas that sprouted as I went.  I started off with a basic idea for the novel I wanted to write, and as I went along, I developed more ideas about how I want to go telling that story, and what angles I want to take and all that sort of thing.  That, alone, was worth the price of entry.  But on top of that, I have the lovely rosy glow that comes with fulfilling an arbitrary self-imposed challenge: especially since I wrote the last 28,000 words in the last seven days.  That’s incredible.  I’m really proud of that: it was challenging, and now I feel like I can totally do Hard Things.

Know what else I finished? My socks! These are probably the most half-arsed socks I have ever completed, and I am surprisingly attached to them for that very reason.  I got through the first one and realised the fit was a bit off, but not so off that I could be bothered ripping back and redoing it.  Plus, these are ball-end socks: I have already made a pair out of this yarn, and these are a pair of toe-up socklets to use up the last of the yarn and thereby satisfy the frugal part of my soul. The second pair, well, as I got towards the heel, I discovered the ball of yarn whose end I was approaching was not, shall we say, continuous.  There were a few little leaps-of-faith strands, where the yarn was broken (or all but broken, holding on by half a feeble ply).  I just…kind of made it work.  So I think there’s a couple of weak spots in the heel, but we’ll have to wait and see.  And then I got to the ribbing and the bind off, and discovered that the second sock’s cuff is actually about half a centimetre shorter than the pioneer sock.  After, oh, forty-five seconds of soul-searching, I decided I could live with that. Yay! New socks!


Here they are, photographed with an apparently headless Tawnee.  Taking photos at the moment is a total crap shoot, because the LCD screen on the back of my camera is broken.  This makes taking photos a bit of a random, unpredictable and therefore exciting event.

I finished something else, too: something funky and gorgeous that makes me feel awesome and clever while I’m wearing it. My new red tank. Like many projects I start, this one started out as something else entirely: I started it as Coachella. And then Coachella started giving me attitude, cracking wise about my mama and all that shit.  I tried it on and discovered the cowl neck was more of a billowing invite for everyone to see my boobies, and decided that Coachella and this yarn were not meant to be (sadly).  So I sat down with myself and said “Self, whose patterns are always a delight to knit, a pleasure to read and a perfect match for you?” and Self didn’t answer because she was too self-conscious, so I sighed and got Wendy Bernard’s Simple Knits out. My God, what a fantastic book that is.  The woman is a master. Anyway, this is her gorgeous Essential Tank and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s flattering (especially when you aren’t posing in front of a crapshoot self-timing camera) and fits beautifully and the pattern is clear and well-written.  Love it, love it, love it.


Yarn: Yes.  Red cotton.

Needles: 3.5mm.

Two other things finished recently: Spring and my 26th year.  It’s been a busy coupla weeks around here.

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