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{ Monthly Archives } December 2009

The reader, unravelled

I look all around me on the blogoscope and all I see is post after post encapsulating what 2009 meant to people, usually in the form of “My Most Favourite Books/Songs/Snacks of 2009” lists.  I kinda like it, even if I haven’t seen more than, oh, two movies this year and certainly didn’t read enough […]


I have three new projects and I love them all like three new yarn babies.  After the triumphant finishing of my red Essential Tank and the slightly-less-triumphant-but-no-less-worthwhile finishing of my latest socks, I felt ready to kick off some new things. Let’s play Meet the Newbies. My Silver Sands scarf: This yarn is soooooo soooooooft. […]

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Sometimes I do that thing where I don’t write for so long that I get scared about going back to it, scared that when I do finally put fingers to keyboard, I’ll have forgotten how — or worse, discover that I never really knew. I finished NaNoWriMo and I couldn’t be more astonished.  The piece […]

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