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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

I, naturally, have outgrown such things.

If I was going to throw a tantrum, which I wasn’t, and I wouldn’t, it would probably be about knitting.  For example, when I discovered that the raglan increases I had steadily and carefully completed while working on my Skinny Red Empire had, due to a row gauge miscalculation, resulted in the sleeves failing to […]

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Doin’ it slow.

A lot of good things, maybe even most good things, come about slowly. I have been thinking about this a lot after I posted on slow and steady knitting, and began applying the slow, steady idea to other things in my life.  Take Pongo, my beloved sourdough starter.  Way slower than a package of freeze-dried […]

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Slow and steady

I wrote recently on socks and why they’re so satisfying: it’s the speediness, the satisfaction at flying through milestones, one after the other. Cast on, toe, foot, heel, leg, ribbing, cast off — bam bam bam bam bam bam bam! Suddenly: a sock! I know this isn’t always how it works, and some poor knitter, […]

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The thing I like best about knitting socks is the frequent milestones. When you’re knee-deep in the twelve inches of plain, unshaped stockinette that make up the body of a sweater, it can be difficult not to get bored (and by bored, I mean you’re staring at your knitting and feeling sad and thinking “If […]

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I sometimes wonder if I have some sort of pathological compulsion to verb-ify nouns (I think I just did it again). Bandwagonning: to jump onto a bandwagon of some sort. I, like 98% of the international blogging community, will be doing NaNoWriMo this year. I do it most years, and I really enjoy it. I […]

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Thoughts on blogging: 1) I am sometimes scared that I have a “blog voice”. In fact, it would surprise me very much if I didn’t, but I worry sometimes that it is strangles my normal writing voice. It is difficult to worry about this kind of thing without constantly rolling one’s eyes at oneself, and […]