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Weekend knitting

I love it.  I had reached that consummation most devoutly to be wish’d last weekend, and had nothing on my needles.  It turns out that this is not a situation I like nearly as much as I thought I would, and it, in fact, made me kinda itchy. The result was a lot of planning and testing and photocopying patterns from books so I could scribble all over them.  And Saturday was spent riding a happy high of knitting.I love this photo: it reminds me of strawberry ice cream.


Above: the makings of a Fiber Trends Felted Clog, one of two, identical so far, and I’m astonished to say I got both knit in the space of one day. I didn’t hurry, either; I just knit.  I didn’t do much else, but it’s not like I neglected my lunch, my yoga, my bath, my clarinet practice; I did all those things, but I also knit. And I got two slippers (nearly) done.  They each need a second sole, which I’ll do this week before I sew them up and felt them (the second sole goes between the inner sole, which you can see inside the slipper, and the suede outer sole that I’ll sew over the top). But still: a pair of slippers in a day? That’s not just fast, that’s stupid.

I’m also working on a sweet little cotton top called Coachella.  Dark red; cowl neck; racer back: I’m hoping for awesome, and so far, so good.  To be frank, however, I have no idea how it’s going to work out until that moment where I cast off, try it on, and cautiously wear it outside the bathroom and wait for someone else to look at me.  If they look at me and I burst into tears and slam the door, well, you can bet we’ll have six more weeks of winter.


It’s looking pretty good, and has so far been an excellent knit.  More details as they emerge.

PS: It’s not a knitting post without a macro setting shot:



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