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Spring socks!

I finished a pair of socks this weekend!  It’s not much, in terms of knitterly accomplishment, but just look at them!

These are my beloved Watermelon Socks.  Behold how spring-ish they are!  As pink ornamental blossoms are exploding all over the city, in fountains of pink and white foam, these socks seem perfectly in synch with nature.  I love them.  Obligatory close up!

Aren’t they awesome?  I especially love the little black flecks in the pink yarn — they’re the Watermelon seeds and that completely cracks me up. (Well, you know, I’m not sitting here at the table in tears of laughter or anything like that, but it tickles me.)

I love winter: I love the cold nights, the hard brightness of the night sky when there’s a frost coming, the beauty of a frosty, misty morning, the starkness of the naked trees, stripped down to their twiggy petticoats…so I feel a bit like a traitor when spring comes and I fall utterly in love with it.  I remember all the good things about warm weather — picnics, drinks in the back yard after work, eating outside, rosé — and I’m excited and impatient for spring to ripen.  Spring is definitely underway here, but it’s still cold enough that woolly socks are very much in demand, and these socks are perfect.

And now, with just an hour or two of sunlight left, I’m going to take an eager and joyous brown pup for a chilly walk, and see how my new socks wear under my sneakers.

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