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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

Stress biscuits (finale)

Today saw the climax of my biscuit-baking spree, taken to its glorious peak. It was AWESOME. Behold: Macarons.  They’re imperfect: they’re a little on the slim side, definitely amateurish, and I kind of made up the fillings as I went along, but my God they are delicious.  The shells are perfectly light and crispy, which […]

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Stress biscuits (continued)

I continued with my spree of stress-related cookery today. If you’re ever having a rough time, or feeling overwhelmed, I strongly recommend an afternoon of talking with my Nana while baking by instinct.  Rather than following recipes, I decided to follow instinct and my understanding of cookery to make a batch of scones and lemon […]


Stress biscuits

So, after a few up-and-down moments with the ol’ Addison’s the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to do some thinking about stress.  I’ve reached the following conclusions: (a) stress is a funny thing; and (b) I like to make biscuits. Let’s review. (a) stress is a funny thing; when I was first diagnosed with […]

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Coming around

I’m on the mend!  All the little signs are there: a) I cast on a new jumper.  It’s Wendy Bernard‘s Skinny Empire, from Custom Knits, and I haven’t changed anything yet (except the yarn, but who counts yarn substitution as a change?).  It’s a strange, and kind of nice, feeling to simply cast on and […]


I’m home sick, cuddled up with my laptop and this gal: Which is not without its rewards. Addison’s disease is an odd beast, and learning to dance with it is a slow and clumsy process.  Problems can come on so quickly that you hardly have time to compensate with your meds, or they can come […]

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Weekend knitting

I love it.  I had reached that consummation most devoutly to be wish’d last weekend, and had nothing on my needles.  It turns out that this is not a situation I like nearly as much as I thought I would, and it, in fact, made me kinda itchy. The result was a lot of planning […]

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Cakewrecked! or: A Pair of Pictures is Worth a Whole Lotta Words

The funniest thing happened this weekend.  Lunch with my family inevitably involves me offering to Bring Something, usually something that ends up being far more involved and time-consuming than I originally anticipated, and this weekend I agreed to bring black forest cake.  A family favourite, especially for my Dadini, but I don’t recall anybody ever […]


Gettin’ adventurous

Every now and again, probably when the moon is gibbous, but I haven’t checked, I get a bit of a fixation. This happens a lot in the kitchen.  Sometimes the fixation passes (see: homemade yoghurt) and sometimes it sticks and becomes part of my regular recipe cycles (see: homemade bread, Pongo, etc.).  It’s too soon […]

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Man, I love soup.  I don’t stop making it in spring and summer, either.  I charge on through and soup my way through the warmer months (although I admit making roast capsicum soup is a bit of a trial when the house is already more than 40°C).  I usually lean towards the thick, tomatoey end […]


Spring socks!

I finished a pair of socks this weekend!  It’s not much, in terms of knitterly accomplishment, but just look at them! These are my beloved Watermelon Socks.  Behold how spring-ish they are!  As pink ornamental blossoms are exploding all over the city, in fountains of pink and white foam, these socks seem perfectly in synch […]