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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009


Okay, I’m going to spend a couple of paragraphs explaining what I’ve been up to lately, but bear with me: there’s knitting stuff coming up. On Friday, our orgy of packing and boxing and cleaning climaxed with Moving Day (there’s a metaphor that probably should have been shot in its early development).  I have moved […]

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What is this “normal” of which you speak?

I realise the claim that I am a bold and innovative thinker is not supported by my question “what is normal?”, but given that there’s already some debate as to whether or not I am a thinker at all, let alone what kind, I’m happy to simply skim past that debate like a dieter skims […]


Random Monday!

I love Random X-day posts.  They’re like a get-out-of-jail-free card for blogging. 1. I don’t care that the calendar still says August, it is totally spring here.  Observe the following evidence: the ornamental cherry and pear trees have all begun blossoming; the frosts have stopped; this morning I left the house without a coat and […]


Mighty baking

Well, that got out of hand quickly. One minute you’re creaming butter and sugar…the next minute your life is consumed with cupcakes (of all things). Want to know how many I made? A lot: 22 dozen.  Which is 288, give or take a few extras, since sometimes a batch of mix makes slightly more than […]

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Gearing up

Today I bought lots and lots of flour, eggs, butter and cocoa, because I have a weekend of epic baking ahead of me.  Next Monday is the RSPCA Cupcake Day!  And I am a proud registered Cupcake Cook.  It’s great.  A few weeks ago I put together some prototypes and photographed them, then put them […]

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Somebody put me out

Because I AM ON FIRE! I am not sure if it’s some kind of reverse virus, but I am bursting with cookery energy this weekend.  I dipped into Pongo, my sourdough starter, and got some bread dough rising, and while that was doing its yeasty thang, I toasted a batch of muesli and finished sewing […]

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It’s moving time!  M and I are upsticks-and-leaving our current little house.  We’re going to bunk up with some family to save up for a few months; around six, I’m estimating.  It’s going to be awesome and I’m kind of excited by it all. I like our family, I like change — I don’t like […]


Genius or madman

So the other night, M and I were enjoying some pre-dinner drinks while I cooked us some sammiches.  I’m crazy about fried sammiches, so I made a blue cheese/rocket/purple onion/thinly-sliced-apple/chilli flake sammich and a tomato/hot mustard/tabasco/robust cheddar sammich and fried them in butter for our dinner.  (Awww yeah.)  Feeling inspired, M took to the kitchen.  […]


What Knitting Is

The thing about knitting is…well, actually I’ve started that sentence umpteen times, always with a different ending.  Knitting is so many things to me that it gets a bit weird if I start trying to list them all. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good things that knitting is for me — comforting, fascinating, intriguing […]


What cooking does

We had some bad news this week.  And then it became even worse news; almost the worst; and bad enough that it filled my eyes with hot black fire and made me feel hate like I have never felt.  There are, of course, some things about which I can do nothing.  And when the angry […]

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