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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009


It’s Saturday and I am surfing emotions like a discarded plastic bag threatening turtles in the sea of life.  On one hand, I am attending an auction this morning: we have jumped through seemingly endless hoops in preparation, double-checking everything, arranging paperwork and generally trying to find time and strength to obey bureaucratic stipulations around […]


Fizz fizz fizz

I am enjoying this post-Masters euphoria.  It almost makes it worth all the grief leading up to the end worth it, because it is so fantastic when you stop. Mind you, that’s the same principle that fans of the asphyxi-wank apply, and that doesn’t always work out so well for them.  My mind is fizzing […]

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Do you ever feel like your brain is moving in too many directions at once? Work has been crazy-busy, uni has been incredibly demanding as I gallop towards the end of my Masters degree, I am househunting (man, buying at auction is scary-pants), and have begun eccentric sleeping habits, much to M’s amusement.  Hello, I […]


When I have finished my Masters…

I will celebrate with a toasted sandwich. A big fat one. I will write more poetry. I will blog more often (or, indeed, at all). I will stop thinking of weekends as something that only happen to other people. I will write to my Nan. I will read The Tales of Beedle the Bard and […]