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Five fives are twenty-five

Food blog names I wish I’d thought of:

  1. Sassy Radish
  2. Plumpest Peach
  3. Wild Yeast
  4. Nourish Me
  5. Confessions of a Food Nazi

Foods I don’t eat very often but whenever I do I wish I ate them all the time:

  1. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
  2. Marmalade on toasted English Muffins
  3. Grilled zucchini and haloumi slices
  4. Ice cream
  5. Dumplings in broth

Awesome additions to porridge:

  1. Sliced fresh pear and glacé ginger
  2. Shredded apple and dates
  3. A Ferrero Rocher and spoonful of Nutella
  4. Chopped pineapple and pecans
  5. Any berry you can think of (and plenty of ’em), chopped banana and cinnamon

Favourite toasted sammiches:

  1. Mustard, tomato and sharp cheddar
  2. Sliced beetroot, rocket and feta
  3. Fresh pear, blue cheese, purple onion and baby spinach
  4. Roast capsicum, pesto and mozzarella
  5. Avocado, purple onion, overripe tomatoes and roast capsicum

Coolest things in my kitchen:

  1. Huge frying pan: 37cm (um, 15 inches?) of non-teflonned, stainless-steel glory; heats up good and quick over the gas flames and can go under the grill without fear of melting the handles.
  2. Electric kettle. I’m a gal who likes her tea.
  3. Big sharp knife — we’ve got the Big sharp knife, the Little sharp knife and the Bread knife: own three knives, rule the world.
  4. String of dried chillies hanging by the window.
  5. Lego-brick-shaped brownie pan.  For those occasions when my usual level of awesome just isn’t enough.

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