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Mess is more

Today is so autumnal it’s nearly clichéed. The sky is silver and white, with flashes of pewter for good measure.  The lake is choppy and restless, and the trees are in the last throes of gold; there are parrots everywhere, crunching open seedpods and acorns and goodness knows what else.  It’s very windy. It’s about 11°C outside, and it makes me wish I could take my desk and work out there.

I’m crazy about autumn.  There’s chaos and mess and interesting colours, as well as the aforementioned parrots. There’s riot and discard and frenzy and fading, and I love it all.

This is the aisle between my work building and the next-door building.

It’s a standing opinion among most Canberrans that the best thing about Canberra is that it has “distinct seasons”, although I’m not sure why that’s such a novelty for most people.  I still think autumn is the best one.  In Canberra, the seasons are damned hot, autumn, post-autumn and Floriade.

I’m thinking of knitting some fingerless arm-warmer dealies, maybe with buttoned mitten flaps to go over the top.  Of course, first, I should knit the Pomatomus lace fingerless arm-warmer dealies I’ve been meaning to make for a year or two.  And before that I should probably make the mitts I promised Mumini about three years ago.  Who wrote this schedule? This is terrible: I’m completely behind.

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