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From little things, big breads grow

So I’ve been at home, unwell, this week, and when I’m at home, I like to bake.

Bread-making is still a bit of a novelty to me. M’s a pro at it, for which I am terribly grateful, but I don’t mind dallying.  I love how dough rises, too. I mix up my doughs in the breadmaker, which does an excellent job on mixing and kneading, and then taking them out after they’ve finished rising. I took the picture on the left after just a few moments after I lifted the tin out of the breadmaker, following an hour or two of rising, and it was lifting well out of the tin. It has flopped down a little while I got the camera ready, but it’s fine.  Dough is far more robust then you’d think it would be.

And then I prepared to fill it with all manner of tasty treats: chopped feta, sliced roast red capsicum (when I go to Heaven, every fridge will have a crisper full of fresh red caspsicums, and I will spend the first week of my time there roasting them in fresh olive oil. You’ll see.), chopped kalamata olives, which had been marinading in chilli flakes and oil, and some finely chopped shallots.  Oh yes, yes, yes.

So I popped the oven on to heat, and rolled the dough out onto a floured board.  This works as a lazy-girl punch down, too.  Then I covered half of the dough in fillings, sliced the uncovered half into strips, kind of radiating away from the fillings, and wrapped it over:

And then it was time to let it rise a little more.  I’m normally pretty slack with baking and often don’t rise things a second time (shhh), but I thought all the fillings in the middle would weigh the dough down a little, so I thought I’d give the yeast a head start before baking.  I don’t know why I thought that made sense, but let’s soldier on.

Anyway, half an hour of rising later, I popped Mr Bread into the oven and cooked.  It took a while, but I thought it would.  I took the time to give my hair a dye while I waited (not pictured).

And here is Mr Bread!

So crusty and fresh-looking.

Om nom nom nom nom. I have eaten much of this bread, and it is delicious.  Magically delicious.

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