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{ Monthly Archives } October 2008

Keeping a low profile

Flounceypants is still magically perfectolicious.  I was working on it in my lunchbreak at work and realised I had reached the end of the lace portion (18 repeats, not 15), and became a little nervous.  I’ve satisfactorily completed the lace, and I’ve even scanned over it with a fine-toothed eye or whatever and…well, it’s perfect.  […]

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Anxiety socks!

I have had a stressful week.  In preparation for a long car journey on Friday morning, I cast on this lovely sock. This is where it stood mid-Saturday.  By Saturday night, I had a completed sock, kitchener bound-off and all.  I cast on the second. Here we are on Monday morning, after another long yet […]

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I am looking nervously over my shoulder

Purple Flounceypants is proceeding nicely.  Very nicely.  Too nicely. There’s ten repeats of lace there, and I’m planning to do around 14 (or maybe 15, since I prefer odd numbers).  The original pattern calls for eight repeats, but that’s for a shorter top and bigger gauge.  Since I’m working with a finer yarn, with the […]

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Dye Hard 2: Dye Harder!

The other half of my most recent dyeing spree was — well, it’s hard to say.  I can’t really categorise it in terms of success or failure, since I wasn’t really sure how things were going to turn out.  However, I had another skein of something white and soft (and unlabelled, although I think it […]


Dye hard!

As ever, things didn’t go quite the way I expected.  I’m getting used to this, especially since most of the time things end up better than I expected. This is a huge pot full of red food dye, white vinegar and hot water.  Oh, and a skein of white Angora Supreme.  As per the instructions […]



Ah, Spring. New cherries. New strawberries. New grapes. New shrubs. New project. Oh yes.  To dye, once again, will be an awfully big adventure. And if you think I’m going to run out of dye-related puns, you haven’t seen Wikiquote.



I love it when things chug along nicely.  The new blog, the sushi; everything’s coming up bethini at the moment.  Of course, this meant that when the smackdown came, it wasn’t wholly unexpected, and I was more emotionally ready to deal with it. So, I cast on a nice lacey summer top.  Lelah, from Knitting […]

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A refreshing change

Today’s post comes from the “Holy crap it worked!” file. First “Holy crap it worked!”: This weekend M and I bought a gazebo.  Not a cemented-in, static gazebo, but a poles-and-mesh job from the hardware shop that dismantles and packs away into a convenient carry case. We were meeting some friends for a picnic by […]

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Crossing the line

Whenever I finish a major knitting project, especially one that has been hanging over me for a while, I usually feel a bit uninspired afterwards. I think it’s because, as I’m nearing the end of a project, I’m thinking about it a lot more, so I feel like I’m doing way more knitting than I […]


Things That Are Making Me Happy

It doesn’t take much, I’m willing to admit.  Someone makes me a cup of tea, or I remember to turn on my electric blanket.  Or…I see a cat.  See what I mean? Doesn’t take much.  For example: My new mug! Isn’t it cool?  I loves it. My new books! Pictured here: The Best of Interweave […]

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