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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

Highs and lows

I finished Sahara! Yay! For what it’s worth, there are about a million ways in which that picture could be improved; this top is beautiful, fits well and flatters me, but I haven’t known you very long, Internet, and I’m not ready to share photos of myself.  And it would look weird on the dog. […]

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While M and I are staying with M’s family, I took the opportunity to photograph some of the native wildlife.  There’s budgies: And parrots!   The bird feeder hangs right outside the sliding door in the main living area, so we get to peer at the parrots all day long. A rogue dog!  This bouncy member […]

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Since M and I are staying away from home for a bit, I packed my knitting carefully.  Socks, obviously, for knitting while chatting, or any time when I’m too seized up and miserable to knit anything that needs concentration.  And some spare sock yarn for the next pair, since I’m up to the second of […]

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Sometimes you need a cow.

There’s a lot I’ve thought about trying to say over the past week or two.  Some of it is self-evident, but takes on a new, urgent depth of meaning.  Some of it is trite and pointless.  Some of it is not something you can say out loud.  And, of course, some of it is just […]

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Brief update

The blog is currently on hiatus while M and I deal with a family crisis.  I’ll be back soon.



While relaxing in my contemporary art-deco distressed-wood-floorboard gazebo-adorned lighthouse mansion, I often take some time to have a cup of coffee and browse the intermowebs.  It’s important to keep up with what the regular people are doing, don’t you think? The search for the perfect boiled egg seems to continue to wrack humanity’s finest minds.  […]


Sockaroni II – Socks I Have Known and Loved

Having introduced you to all my sock yarn, I let you in to a little, private cupboard of my life (specifically, the yarn cupboard).  Now I’m going to take it to the next level and show you some of the socks I currently know, some I wish I knew better, and some I’m hoping, someday, […]

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Sockaroni I – Sock Yarn

In an effort to shake off some blues I picked up somewhere, I decided to have a play with my stash.  But I didn’t get any further than my sock stash.  My sock yarns, let me show you them… Doesn’t look like that much, does it? And it nearly all fits in one box!  (Except […]

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