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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

Pizza pockets

When I was in primary school, ordering my lunch from the canteen was incredibly exciting.  Our system was that you put your lunch money in an envelope and wrote on the front what you wanted for lunch, as well as your name and what class you were in.  You dropped this off at the canteen […]

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My love/hate relationship with my washer

M and I have a combined washer/dryer.  Some days, I love it to pieces.  When it’s pouring rain outside and I need to do washing, I love being able to turn it on and walk away, knowing that in a few hours, I’ll have toasty-dry-fresh clean washing.  I don’t use the dryer all that often, […]

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Following my Chocolate Chip Cookie triumph recently, I decided to continue the cooking theme of Things That Need A Rest. This is my new, improved, ratatouille (kinda).  Previously, my ratatouille has been a fairly involved process, involving sauteeing, deglazing, simmering, regular checks and a bit of stirring.  For those among my devoted readers who are […]


Bagel bagel bagel, I made you out of dough…

Bagel bagel bagel, nom nom nom I go! Last night, after a few glasses of wine, I jumped in and made a batch of bagels.  I’ve made them before, but I couldn’t find the recipe, so I simply grabbed the first one I saw on Google groups and ran with it.  They’re a bit amateurish, […]

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Chocolate chippy goodness

So, I was reading in the New York Times the other day, as one does, about chocolate chip biscuits (I feel self-conscious when I say ‘cookie’, as pleasant a word as it is).  There’s been a fair bit of chatter out there on the interwebs about the article, which discusses the origins of the famed […]


Dilemma – clever or sensible?

I celebrated the completion of Checkers by cranking on with another project I’ve got on the needles: the Simple Knitted Bodice, in dark green superwash wool. (I’m not wild about that name…surely we can come up with something better for such a cool pattern?) A quiet week at work combined with a lot of X-Files […]

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FO Report – Checkers

It’s finished!  At last, long, long last, I have finished Checkers.  I really love this scarf: finishing it was one of the highlights of a really great weekend.  May I present it, modelled by the ever-charming Mozart. Remember how I may have implied I was getting sick of knitting this? I don’t.  All I remember […]

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Pink means happy!

Amateur cocktail hour is awesome.  I heartily recommend you introduce it into your life. In lieu of a cohesive and well-reasoned argument, I present you with the following evidence, as concocted by M: How about that?  Eh? That, right there, is gin, crushed ice, lemon gelato and mixed frozen berries whirred together in the blender.  […]

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Happy cycling

It’s been a while since I posted anything about knitting.  There’s a very good reason for that: it’s been a while since I had anything worth posting about knitting.  I’m still ploughing away on the Checkers scarf (when will it END?), although my use of the verb ‘ploughing’ suggests a degree of activity and energy […]

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M and I had a fondue over the weekend.  Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.  It was the best thing ever. Ever! It was so good that I’ve added two new categories for blog posts, since none of the existing categories quite cut the mustard: ‘awesome’ and ‘cheese’. I really love my cheese.  Blue, washed-rind, […]

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