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Moving about

Bear with me, gentle reader (hi Mum!), as I shuffle about. I’m currently in the process of shifting the blog onto my new server, Tell the truth, I’ve started the ball rolling, and you can pick things up at I’m still playing with it, though, so if I break the Internet, I’m very sorry. Mind the boxes of photos over there by the door. I’m still investigating how to get all my old posts off Blogger – we could import all the ones I posted since I put up my RSS feed, but not the ones before that. There’s only a dozen or so left to come across, though, so if necessary I can do them by hand.

I’ve also got to get used to WordPress, which I think has a better interface than Blogger, but still has its own quirks, which I need to acclimatise to. I’ve been customising the site in baby steps, and it’s too early to tell which features I’ve currently got that I will continue to want, and which features I may yet joyfully discover and so on. I’m still unpacking.

The whole process is curiously like moving house, albeit on a smaller, more abstract scale. And with less packing tape, obviously. But there is still the sense of dislocation, novelty and curiosity, which I’m rather enjoying.

In Real Life, I’m knitting very slowly on Exchequered, because I’m down to the wine wire with uni stuff: my exams are this weekend, and after that – freedom! I’m really looking forward to the semester break. I’m even packing my clarinet off to the health spa for a service and overhaul, so I will have a fortnight without uni or music. Actually, I think I’ll really miss my clarinet, since she and I are getting on so well lately, but I’m looking forward to a proper break. It’ll be the first time since I got back from hospital that I won’t have anything that ought to be getting done. Still, before that devoutly-wish’d consummation, I’ve got a buttload (metric) of reading and study to get through. I’ve stayed pretty well on top of my coursework this semester, so it’s just a question of rereading everything and redoing some of the study exercises to get everything nice and fresh in my brain. But man, there’s a lot of it. I’m left with the sensation of having been almost entirely inside of my own head lately. Better than being in someone else’s, of course.

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