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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

On Sammiches Part Deux

Yesterday I wrote passionately (nay, poetically) on the issue of sammiches. I would like to add a little epilogue to my post, in praise once more of the sammich. Picture this if you will. After writing my last post, I went home and cooked a fantastic curry, worked on some uni things, played some percussion […]

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On Sammiches

I have, of late, been considering the sammich. I think I may have misjudged the humble sandwich (or sammich), in a backlash from years of eating them by obligation. While I was in school/high school/university, I had a sammich for lunch every single day (except on those hallowed days where I bought my lunch). I’m […]

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In Which We Are Not Dead

My favourite way to begin every day is by not being dead. Some mornings it takes a few goes to make sure you aren’t, but once you’re certain, the day is well underway! On Monday I checked my uni stuff to work out what I had left to do by the end of semester. My […]


Amateur Cocktail Hour Part Two

The other night, I decided to indulge my curiosity and sample a vodka martini. I’m no normally a vodka drinker of any note, nor am I a martini afficionado. M likes them, but he prefers a dry gin martini to a vodka one. We scored some 42 Below vodka on sale, hotwever, so it seemed […]

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Desert Monkeys

Presenting: The Desert Monkeys. When I got this yarn from eBay, I surprised myself. I’m not really one for the orange-russet palate, and I don’t really like light blue with anything even vaguely warmish. And I’m not really into cashmere for socks, as decadent as it is (actually, that’s probably it: I’m probably discomfited by […]

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Cracking the Whip

UFOs, ten-SHUN! From the right! Sahara Yarn: A gorgeous baby alpaca/silk blend I picked up during our trip to Adelaide last year. Black and soft, soft, soft. Pattern: Sahara, by Wendy Bernard from Knit and Tonic. Beautiful design, fantastic sleeves. I can’t rave enough about those sleeves; that sleeve cap (pictured, poorly, right) is genius. […]


Amateur Cocktail Hour(s)

I found a can of passionfruit pulp in the fridge tonight, and that can only mean one thing: amateur cocktail hour! Vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice and passionfruit pulp, shaken roughly over ice cubes and strained into a glass. Perfect. I didn’t put lemon juice in the first one, but M tasted it and swiftly identified […]

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Outclassed by my yarn.

A present? For me? How delightful! My yarn arrived from o’er the seas — traveling first class, no less! The first class bag of yarn that arrived for me was a result of my panic regarding running out of yarn for Purple Olive. I did a search on Ravelry’s Yarns database, and found another Raveler […]



So, the other night, I posted about the vibrant, glorious success of the Desert Monkey socks. Remember? Do you need a minute to go back and read that post, so we can all recall how happy I was with the whole thing? So I cast on the second sock. Had the toe completely worked, and […]

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Sock Love

This is the best sock I’ve ever knitted. Nothing about them went wrong. The toe is smooth and snug, the pattern gorgeous, and the bind-off elastic and springy. They’re magnificent. I couldn’t take a picture of them on my feet that would do justice to how excellent these puppies are, so you get a rumpled, […]

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