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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

Random Wednesday!

{Random 1} I had a flu shot on Monday, and it’s knocked me about a bit. One of the things you’re supposed to learn with Addison’s is to support your immune system consciously. Normally, after a vaccination, your immune system starts chugging away, making the required antibodies to make you immune to whatever your shot […]

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May I present: Wintergreen! (Modelled here on the ever-photogenic Mozart.) This is probably the fastest thing I’ve ever completed. It’s beautiful. I cast on Thursday afternoon, worked pretty steadily on it over the ANZAC Day long weekend — a day of loafing about with my parents followed by a day of loafing about with M’s […]

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How To Have Lunch On An Autumnal Sunday

On the left, homemade borscht with a touch of natural yoghurt and snipped chives. On the right, a Guinness, frosty and fresh.



For you, that is, not me. Our Turkish dicking about in the kitchen (I’m reluctant to say ‘Turkish cooking’, because really all we did was make bread and dips) was a triumph. But it was so good, and so perfect, and I was so hungry, that there are no photos and you’re just going to […]

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There are a few cuisine cultures that completely elude me when I’m cooking. I’m yet to successfully make anything from the South American cultures, unless you count tacos and burritos (and frankly I don’t): I crave pupusas, tamales and quesadillas, but whenever I try to make them I end up with…well…I’m not sure what you’d […]



Beautiful, isn’t it? My new parcel arrived today. It’s nothing fancy, nothing schmik. Just half a dozen skeins of Cascade 220. But I love them, passionately. On the far left of the above shot, you can also a skein of heathered pink, with hints of grey and white and a taste of Spring storms. Also, […]


Twinkle twinkle!

When I got out of hospital, all I wanted to do was dinky, pretty, dainty things. Those that know me well will realise this isn’t really in keeping with my interests. I don’t mean to suggest that normally I participate in hobbies best described as “clunky” or “craparse”, but I’m not really a twinkly kinda […]


The Great Dyeing Adventure, Part 2

Despite the sheer volume of cooking I undertook over the weekend, I hadn’t forgotten my commitment to dyeing yarns! I’m glad I’ve discovered the opportunity to dye with things like food colouring, because I think if I tried to use the hardc0re acid dyes, we’d just end up with bits of hand skin hanging off […]


Foodin’ of the finest order.

Today, M and I answer the ultimate question for the 21st century: Is it possible to prepare too many deviled eggs for a get-together? Today was my day to catch up with all the chums I had missed since I got sick — people I haven’t seen for over a month or so. It was […]


Food, glorious food, and also photos thereof. And such.

My laptop cable is here now. There’s going to be a lot of photos in this post. I’ve missed my laptop so much. M has let me use his computer and laptops while the Mac has been indisposed, but it’s not the same. Anyway, just because the laptop’s been AWOL, doesn’t mean I’ve been slack. […]