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Look, I don’t want to be too damn obvious here, but I love knitting. I really do. I’m working on a new project right now and I’m so excited about it. You know when you start reading a fantastic new book, and when you’re not reading it, you’re thinking about it and wondering what the […]

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As I get better at knitting, one of the things that changes is the point at which failure can enter into the equation. It’s been a long time since I had to declare a project cocked up beyond all repair (COBAR). And it’s been even longer since circumstances defeated me. But there are some things […]

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After setting my Kerrera coat aside to dry and await toggles, I grabbed some pretty sock yarn from the stash and cast on a new sock. I don’t know how this happened, but in the space of less than a week, I produced a beautiful, perfect, utterly flawless sock. It’s lovely. It fits perfectly, from […]

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Ah, Sundays in Autumn. Canberrans eat brunch and talk about the Skywhale in terms either glowing or scathing; some bloggers find snail-shaped statues to ride like ponies; clear skies make picnics appealing but cold winds make them less so. And everyone knits. Or just me. Usually just me. I’m treading water, knitting-wise, which is not […]

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Thy name is sock yarn. Having recently given up the ways of the sheep (and other yarn-making beasties), it was interesting trying to find a vegan sock yarn. Reading reviews on Ravelry, the only conclusion I could draw is that people only write reviews of yarn they loathe or yarn they adore, with the former […]

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Returning the favour

Here we have Red Friday enjoying what is probably its very last blocking. I hope so, anyway, because I’m getting bored with blocking and want to know if this cardie is a keeper or not. I knitted Red Friday the whole time we were away, helping family post-bereavement. I worked on it all the way […]

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A journey

I’ve just started a new knitting project (“project” is a bland word: it always makes me think of school assignments and public service initiatives. I should get another one, but when “knitting project” is the common term, who am I to rock the boat?) and we’re very happy. This is not to say there were […]

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On the go

Still away from home, but on the move. We flew to another city, collected the car, and then hit the road. Next stop: wedding. A funeral and then a wedding within 24 hours. M drove, I knit. I mentioned my hotel room blocking? It was all for this: picking up a zillion stitches from one […]

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The most sockterful time of the year

I’m making socks. Big, thick, aran-weight yarn socks. These are excellent projects for many reasons. Reason 1. My feet are pretty cold: circulation pretty much stops in late March and restarts mid-September. I love thick woolly socks so I can (a) avoid startling anybody I accidentally touch with my feet; (b) cover up my pallid, […]

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Thinking about it

I dreamed I was showing M a whole bunch of handknits I owned: they were terrible, tacky, hairy things and I was indulgently smiling and admitting their flaws, but pointing out they were still worth wearing. M just shrugged and said “inethical”. Dream-bethini felt she needed to think about that. Awake-bethini agrees. So I’ve been […]

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