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Okay, I’m going to spend a couple of paragraphs explaining what I’ve been up to lately, but bear with me: there’s knitting stuff coming up. On Friday, our orgy of packing and boxing and cleaning climaxed with Moving Day (there’s a metaphor that probably should have been shot in its early development).  I have moved […]

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When I got to my work this tired Friday, I found: Yarngift!  A coworker and fellow knitter saw fit to say thanks for some extra support I had given her at work and, well, let’s just say she speaks my language.  This is a heavenly 50grams of 2ply merino/mohair, hand-painted by Touch Yarns New Zealand. […]

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Back in the saddle

It’s been a rough month, and it’s only the 14th.  Now I know December is rarely the easiest of months for anybody (except for people still young enough to wear pyjamas with feet), what with Christmas shopping, winding up work for the year, school plays a-go-go, exams, graduations, work Christmas parties, the horror of extended […]

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