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And twirling, always twirling!

I really have too much yarn already. There is literally no need for me to buy more. I have enough to make M a beautiful sweater; I have enough for socks for years—it’s seriously like apocalypse prepping in the sock yarn basket—enough yarn for another three sweaters for me me me, and then more yarn […]

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On the go

Still away from home, but on the move. We flew to another city, collected the car, and then hit the road. Next stop: wedding. A funeral and then a wedding within 24 hours. M drove, I knit. I mentioned my hotel room blocking? It was all for this: picking up a zillion stitches from one […]

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My red Friday is roaring along. I’ve done the back and both fronts, and I’m up to the armhole on the first sleeve. The lace pattern makes it fast: it’s easy to memorise so you can charge away on it while you’re talking or flying a passenger aircraft or whatever. The pieces are fairly small […]

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A slight interruption

Progress on Black Coffee bumped into two roadblocks today, one minute, the other gargantuan. The first: lack of yarn. The second: my need to weigh pros and cons for an hour before spending money on yarn. Charging along merrily, congratulating myself on not fucking up the cast-on/join-do-not-twist stage, and then admiring some of the nicest […]

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The thick chewy sock leaps over the lazy dog

I don’t know what it means either. Let’s talk about socks! It is wintertime and my chronically cold feet were protesting.  I love how warm my Doc Marten boots are, especially when coupled with handknit socks, but this winter the handknits didn’t seem to quite cut the mustard.  Enter the thick, chewy bootsock. I love […]

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Patience is virtue

I finished it. Say hello to Intolerable Cruelty 2: Silver Cruelty. You know what that means? (I can go up stairs! I can casually pose in the kitchen!) I’m on the mend. I held off finishing this skirt because I cast it on the day I got sick and then I kept being sick; and then […]

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Surprise Skew!

In the midst of bags and Recovery Knitting, something odd is happening. I cast on Skew within days of it coming out: it hit me right at an auspicious time, when I badly wanted something challenging (but not too challenging) and had just discovered and lovingly balled some sock yarn that I had forgotten I […]

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One is fun, so surely two is better

Okay, so it’s bag season around here, apparently. As soon as I finished my last Everlasting Bagstopper, I missed it. So I kinda started another one.  Well, I mean, I like knitting them, and it isn’t like you only need one shopping bag, right? And on top of that, the brown paper bag I have […]

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Everlasting Bagstopper!

One of the things about Intolerable Cruelty 2 (progress report: no progress) is that it involved me rescuing this yarn from the go-to-charity box I established in a fit of decluttering earlier this year. I have been carrying this silvery tweedy cotton/linen blend for years and years, and this February I had a bit of […]

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In which you learn the bitter truth

I’m still recovering from being sick and that means Recovery Knitting.  If you continue reading this blog post, I can assure you that you are unlikely to find anything of interest. Surely you must know that Recovery Knitting means dull knitting? After all, when you’re ailing, you don’t want some flashy fair isle waggling its […]

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