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A post regarding a knitted bear. (FO Report)

See, I could have called this post “Teddy, Steady, Go!” or “Unbearably cool!” or something equally punderful and exclamatory. But I didn’t, because I’m a decent blogger who understands that, by the time you’ve reached the age of 12, you’ve heard every pun about bears ever made. Here’s a bear I knitted. The jumper just […]

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If you’re blogging and you know it, blog a bear!

I was between projects: I knit all the way there, the whole time I was there, and then, the morning of departure, nothing. My Nan, determined I should not endure 3.5 hours of car travel without anything to knit, gave me a teddy bear kit. Said bear has been diligently hauled out at various intervals […]

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