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The tender steely grip of the dirt

I just don’t get it. One minute I’m fed up with gardening and all its unholy dirts and pebbles; the next, I’m singing VAL-DE-RI VAL-DE-RA and strapping on my gardening gloves. I’ve got my theories, but nothing’s provable. 1. Hunger: I’m reading over Foodgawker and the several hundred carefully selected foodin’ blogs in my RSS […]

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Sick day

The day after we got back from NZ, I felt the unmistakeable stirrings of a cold. The sore throat, stiff joints: nothing major, but very present and very emphatic. I thought I’d kicked it, after a week-long wrestle of reduced energy and tiredness, but on Monday it broke through and now I’m flattened. Addison’s Disease, […]

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Green green greeny green

The whole backyard is on a massive chlorophyll rush and taking me with it. It’s awesome. A few weeks ago, when I was on crutches and therefore in a non-gardening state, I planted a bajillion tomato seeds in tubs in the laundry. Now they’re big kids, sleeping in big kid pots! I had about 55 […]

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I am still Miss Limpy 2011. It’s more fun than when I was Miss Gympie 2001, but still not awesome. The worst part is when I forget about the crutches. I start getting ideas about what I’m going to do — mow the lawn or make some chai or teach a jazz ballet class — […]

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I’m on crutches and while it’s not awful, it’s not grilling my cheese either. Spring has arrived with the kind of hyperactive force normally displayed by puppies on crack (note: does not advocate giving puppies crack. Crack is expensive and puppies can’t tell it from sherbet anyway.) and I can’t do the stuff in […]

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Turning times

Today I spent an hour up to my wrists in dirt and dandelions. I love dandelions. I hate digging the freaking things out of the vegetable garden. We planted the veggie garden yonks ago, and the seeds have sprouted, which means the weeds are becoming problematic. I didn’t mind them so much before — they’re […]

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Window tomatoes

Gardening, it turns out, happens everywhere, I’ve mentioned this before. I’m surprised to what extent it’s been happening in the kitchen, although perhaps I shouldn’t be: when it comes to gardening, I’m mostly interested in it as a means to supplying the kitchen. So the garden and the kitchen are closely connected in the ramshackle […]

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Favourite things – Epilogue

My first. Just when you thought life couldn’t be more cool, you discover that your garden bed is full of radishes, little and crunchy and fresh and ever-so-slightly peppery. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this is so awesome; okay, so you buy vegetables at the markets, eat the eatable bits, and put the […]

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Dudes! (Optimistic use of plural.) After weeks of digging up a lawn bed and turning soil and generally busting our arse muscles (not to mention alienating friends by suddenly having conversational interests confined entirely to compost and the gluteus maximus): M and I finally got our shit in one sock and planted a vegetable garden. […]

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Off-centre gardening

Gardens are where you make them. Or where they make themselves. Got me an Aerogarden in the laundry, keeping me in basil all year round: the trick is to stagger planting the seeds, so new plants are coming up as the old ones are fading away. Circle of life, man. Gardens grow where they can. […]

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