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The hardest cull of all

How many clothes does a person need, anyway? I hate having too much stuff, and clothes fall into the ‘stuff’ category.  I have too many: even post-purge, I could easily go for a month or two before I had to wash anything. It would be awesome to get rid of everything except yoga clothes, black […]

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FO Report: Skew

I finished my Skew socks!  One of the key contenders on the Finish-Before-The-Move knit-list, I love these socks.  I thought I cast them on the day they came out, but they’re from the Winter 2009 Knitty, so that surely can’t be right. Anyway, I love them.  I did not, however, love the process of trying […]

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Finishing II – Yarn

So I mentioned before that I’m using my forthcoming Moving Day (just under three weeks now) to light a fire under my reading list — trying to get all my half-read books completed before the day of the shift. Well, this is part of a broader plan to really get stuck into my To-Do box […]

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Skewed further

I spent far, far too long mulling over titles for this entry. “Sinews of Skew”; “Contin-skewed”; “It’s just Skew and me, baby”; “Skew-whiff” [not a good one when we’re talking socks]; “The Skew from Here”…I don’t know what it is about the word Skew that I like so very very much, but it seems to […]

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Surprise Skew!

In the midst of bags and Recovery Knitting, something odd is happening. I cast on Skew within days of it coming out: it hit me right at an auspicious time, when I badly wanted something challenging (but not too challenging) and had just discovered and lovingly balled some sock yarn that I had forgotten I […]

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