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FO Report: Silvery shiny sands

Well, I didn’t quite finish Silver Sands before the move, but I did a week later: we moved into our new place on Friday, and I finished them the Saturday of the week after — that’s gotta count for some sort of commendation, right? I’d settle for a poorly-printed participation certificate. Anyway, they’re gorgeous. This […]

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F is for F(l)ail

I gotta ‘fess up — I didn’t finish all the Unfinished Business that I had hoped to before we moved house.  I’d like to tell you that it was by the skin of my teeth, that it was entirely due to bad luck and that I was *that* close to finishing all the knitting projects, […]

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Silver Sands Mitts

I have been diligently applying myself to working through my Knitting List (an altogether different thing to a Bucket List, I assure you) in pursuit of the Big Pre-Move Challenge. Presenting; Silver Sands Mitts!  One down, a little bit of one to go. I’m making the Prismatic Scarf, AKA Silver Sands, for my lovely Mumini: […]

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Finishing II – Yarn

So I mentioned before that I’m using my forthcoming Moving Day (just under three weeks now) to light a fire under my reading list — trying to get all my half-read books completed before the day of the shift. Well, this is part of a broader plan to really get stuck into my To-Do box […]

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In which you learn the bitter truth

I’m still recovering from being sick and that means Recovery Knitting.  If you continue reading this blog post, I can assure you that you are unlikely to find anything of interest. Surely you must know that Recovery Knitting means dull knitting? After all, when you’re ailing, you don’t want some flashy fair isle waggling its […]

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I have three new projects and I love them all like three new yarn babies.  After the triumphant finishing of my red Essential Tank and the slightly-less-triumphant-but-no-less-worthwhile finishing of my latest socks, I felt ready to kick off some new things. Let’s play Meet the Newbies. My Silver Sands scarf: This yarn is soooooo soooooooft. […]

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