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FO Report: Recycled Red

It’s beautiful. To recap: Got 10 balls of red cotton for an Xmas present: the balls turned out to have 48,000,000 metres of yarn each, so I made two tanks and an Everlasting Bagstopper. The bagstopper rocks on; the two tanks shrank in such a way that they no longer fitted. BOO. I wore them […]

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Recycled Redux

It took me eight weeks — from the end of October to the end of December — to finish my first trial run of Recycled Red, the dress I’m knitting. Eight weeks of steady progression (one or two minor rip-backs, but nothing to blog home about) to complete a dress roughly two sizes too big. […]

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Time travel!

How else do you explain how this completely knitted dress: spontaneously became this: It’s got to be time-travel. Somehow, my knitted dress, which only required ends-weaving and tender blocking, has de-evolved into a pile of yarn cakes, a rumpled pattern and a new cast-on. Wait, I think I’ve got it: the cognitive collision caused when […]

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How’d that happen?

I swear I only cast this on the other day. There’s nothing in that picture to give you a sense of size: that WIP goes from past my knees to just under meine kleine booben. Lots of knitting right there. Lemme check Ravelry. 30 October, you say? Well, that seems pretty reasonable. Two months for […]

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