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Today’s tutorial: using lemons to rebel and buffer against the forces of economics

Everyone keeps talking economics to me. There are nervous ripples all around me as everyone gets nervous about the US economy, the Euro economy, the Iceland economy. It got us talking about the Great Depression, about conservation, about frugality. So I did what any slightly off-in-the-head, not-really-sure-how-the-economy-works munchkin would do and did a stocktake of […]

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More zestfulness

The preserved lemon experimentation continues! Tonight: zesty preserved lemon guacamole. I’m pretty damn sure you don’t need a guacamole recipe, because you probably know how to make guacamole. And even if you didn’t, the Internet is shrieking with guacamole recipes. But I’ll tell you this: preserved lemons make guacamole freaking incredible. (Probably all the salt […]

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A zesty experiment sees fruition!

Do you remember I preserved some lemons? I do. Hellzyeah I do. M made a huge pot of mushroom bourguignon and served it with pasta. Delicious and enchanting. He also added poppyseeds and finely chopped preserved lemons and HOLY CRAP it was good. Now I’m on a quest! A quest of What Else Can I […]

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